how to import N level of chart of accounts in axelor

Axelor is the editor of the hybrid Open Source platform dedicated to business applications that combines a Low-code/No-code BPM with more than thirty business applications: ERP, CRM, sales management, HR, Inventory, Production, Project management, Accounting…
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Chart of accounts is core of any accounting module, and mostly we have this in excel based sheets, in this write up we will see how to import that.
For import process we will be requiring two files, one config.xml / binding file and other data.csv, file names are not important here. xml file will contain information regarding structure of our data, and csv is container for that data.
I have added these files in gist

In xml file file name should match with data file name,
<input file=”accounts_data.csv”
to is to hold property of model linked via type attribute
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