Axelor is the editor of the hybrid Open Source platform dedicated to business applications that combines a Low-code/No-code BPM with more than thirty business applications: ERP, CRM, sales management, HR, Inventory, Production, Project management, Accounting…
quoted from their website

Chart of accounts is core of any accounting module, and mostly…

I came across old gist, it is for axelor erp. Client was owning more than one company, thanks to axelor multi company feature, we setup his companies. Accounts users have to switch the companies on entering vouchers, so I added one dropdown at top to give them option to select one company easily.

Dropdown of companies was coming only if the user was allowed more than one company. And selection will mark that company as active company and rest of grids will be filter to that, and also company was also being selected while entering vouchers.

It not only saved the users time but also decrease the entry errors to many folds.

I have to setup apache proxy for tomcat server, so I did this way

ProxyPass / 
ProxyPassReverse /

but resources was not working, no image css was loading, I was wondering what could be the reason, and when I open the unresolved request.

I forgot to add /

ProxyPass / /
ProxyPassReverse /

after addition of / at the end of request, restarted and it fixed.

Siddique Ahmad

Passionate about devops, data analytics, business solutions, #kubernets @debezium flink-statefun, kogito

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